Entrepreneurial Startup or Advanced– Services

Our Show here Radio Show

Personalized Radio Interviews

Total Cost = $50
This will be a scheduled radio interview to help showcase the entrepreneurial journey of a particular individual. This is done through a series of five questions for an average of 20-35 minutes. The questions and call in number will be provided ahead of time. This interview will then be uploaded to blog talk radio and shared on social media to help boost/create social media presence of the particular individual’s
journey / business. (Audio Only)

On Video Presentation Business Presentation

Total Cost = $50
This will be a scheduled video broadcast via zoom or Google hangouts to showcase an online or offline business of a particular entrepreneur. The guest will be provided an hour on zoom or Google hangouts to showcase their business to the panel through an open discussion format which will allow constructive questions and screen sharing capabilities. The video will be edited after the live event and be uploaded to YouTube and shared on social media for additional exposure! (Video and Audio)

Business Launch Events

Total Cost = $25
This will be a scheduled event launch via this Shopify site target for entrepreneurs with newly opened business get customers and views faster. The event will be shared on social media before and after to
maximize exposure for the launch.