Carl Davis Marketer and Social Media Expert
reviewed The Entrepreneur Power Hour — 5 star July 22, 2015 ·
This Great Entrepreneur Power Hour will bring many people Great information... Tune in and
see , We are casual with our actions and open with great incites! The people are young Stars and
they are very Smart about Marketing...

Fran Richardson ·
Independent marketer/Business owner at Http://www.FrancesRichardson.com
Success is a planned destination. Listen in and join the chat each week for exceptional content to make
your informed decisions. Build your success on purpose
David H. Paul ·
Welness Consultant at Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets
Hi guys,
I watched this show one week after broadcast, and I was entertain and engaged enough that I found
myself starting put my own two cents in, even though no one was going to hear me, lol! Great stuff.  My brain is still smoking!


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